Tonino Veronesi

Born in Finale Emilia ( Mo), on  10.11.1953, resident in Bologna province.
● Starts the activity of Estate Agent in 1975, which then develops into the brand Veronesi & Co., leader in Bologa province and into a Property Consultancy to support privates, companies and organizations.
●  In 1993 he is elected as Vice President of a Property Owners Association, he kept this post for two mandates with the Trade Union responsibility of the Fiscal Area first, and of the Property Study Centre later. 
●  In 2000 he establishes AIPI, Italian Association of Property Owners (adhering to CONFAPPI Small Property Confederation) of which he is President, with delegations in the most important foreign Capitals.
●   In 2008 he establishes relationships with professional people in various European capitals so to assist clients with interests in various geographical areas.
● Over the years he is member of the Realtors Commission, of the Commission for Realtors Examinations and the Arbitration Chamber of the Bologna Chamber of Commerce. He holds training courses for estate agents.
●  He has been Regional President and Member of a National Association of Estate Agents.
●  He has taken part in the National Committee of Intermediation and in the committee between Notaries and Estate Agents.
●  Member of the Confesercenti Province Board
It is indeed in the property consultancy field and in the brokerage for the sale of important real estate assets that he makes his experience available, coordinating the activities of a professional team who have specific competences in real estate.




Veronesi & Co. — via Marconi 9, 40122 Bologna (BO) — tel +39.344.12.99.420, fax +, e-mail

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